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The Rosary Shop

Supporting the life of prayer since 1996 with custom handmade rosaries, rosary kits, supplies, kneelers and prayer books.

Prayer Benches, Stools and Chests

Prayer bench with prayer books and rosary

We make prayer kneelers, stools, benches and blanket chests using only beautiful, solid hardwoods, meticulously handcrafted to your tastes. Custom projects are welcome, whether single-piece or complete sets. Please click 'Assembled,' 'Kit' or 'Plans' beneath the design of interest to learn more about and see the options for each design. We also have pages explaining how we got started and how they are made (for the curious). Here are some more images of recent kneelers, and our thoughts and ongoing personal conversion regarding personal prayer.

We've also just added a couple pre-made/manufactured kneelers. These cost less and can be shipped with little or no delay (but are not customizable or made with the same quality as our in-house prie dieus). More information available via the links on the right.

Points to Consider

Stability and Safety: The standard 26 inch wide base makes it easier and safer to kneel and rise from prayer. The corners of the top are all attractively rounded for comfort and safety -- no sharp edge that could cause injury in the unlikely event of a fall. When the kneeboard is in the down position and one is kneeling, it mechanically 'locks' the prayer bench in place so that it cannot tip forward.

Accessible: The kneeboard is higher than on most kneelers -- about seven inches off the floor -- making it easier to rise from the kneeling position, and also more comfortable while praying, placing less stress on the knees, ankles and feet. For those who find it difficult to kneel there is also a less-costly 'accessible' version without the kneeboard; it works great with either a standard chair or wheel chair.

Adjustable: Though the standard height of 31 inches is just about right for most people, all of our prayer benches can increase in height and are easily adjusted using only an allen wrench (included with the assembled kneeler and available at most home improvement stores).

Fast Delivery: Your custom finished kneeler can ship within a couple weeks -- often faster. Kits and plans ship within days.

Peaceful and Prayerful: Simple and solid no-frills design and construction complements most homes and chapels without distracting from your real purpose, prayer.

Personalized: Select from a variety of quality hardwoods, finishes, padding materials and designs. Available assembled, as a complete kit, or just plans. There about 750 different combinations of wood, finishes and materials, making it possible for the kneeler to be 'uniquely' yours.

Stain: Danish oil combines the attractive appearance of hand-rubbed linseed oil finishes with some of the durability of varathane. Touch up is easy. We can even mix custom colors. Sample stain boards are available upon request.

Convenient: Kneeboard folds neatly up for convenient travel or storage. Shelf is sized to fit most common prayer books. Our assembled kneelers are just that -- delivered fully assembled without any additional assembly required.

Built to Last: All joints are held firm with high-quality screws and other hardware. The padding and cover fabric are heavy duty and easy to clean.

Guaranteed: Like our other creations, the prayer bench is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship or we will replace/repair it free of charge. All shipments are meticulously-packed and shipped insured; if an item ever arrives damaged it will be replaced at no cost to you.

A Note on Pricing: We try to keep the price as low as possible yet maintain a professional-quality product that we can get to you quickly and will last a lifetime. The pricing is based upon the latest actual costs of the materials, wood, packaging, freight, supplies, tools, labor, etc. that go into our wood products, and is set so that these costs are 'covered' while allowing for a moderate growth and tooling improvement. By keeping a good eye on costs we keep the pricing equal to or less than other top-quality production shops producing similar items -- for example, our monastic bench is about 25% less, delivered, than an equivalent product from the excellent and well-respected Thomas Moser company (and you don't have to wait four months to get it!). But because we are careful to price so that we can sustain our business, the prices are usually a little more than the smaller, individual makers.

Made in America: With the exception of the inexpensive, pre-made kneelers, all of our wood products are carefully handcrafted by skilled, experienced woodworkers right here at our location in Oregon.

Discounts: Online woodshop orders generally receive a modest discount. Additional discounts are available for large orders that include multiple pieces.


Current Designs

Standard Prayer Bench

Handcrafted 26 inches wide, 31-34 inches tall. Available assembled (~$400 and up), as a kit, or plans.

Fixed Position Kneeler

Handcrafted 20 inches wide, 32 inches tall. Available assembled.

Double/Wedding Prayer Bench

Handcrafted 50 inches wide, 31 inches tall. Available assembled (~$450 and up), as a kit, or plans.

Monastic Stool

16 inches tall. More Info

Prayer Altar

~40 inches tall, 35 inches wide, 16 inches deep. 2 inch solid hardwood construction. More Info

Portable/Bedside Prayer Kneeler

22 inches wide, 9 inches tall. Tucks away easily. Also available in a stackable model. Available assembled.

Taizé-style Prayer Bench

22 inches wide, 9 inches tall. Available assembled.

Trapezoid Bench

Sized to your needs. Very stable. More Info.

(Image coming soon)

Hope Chest

Sized to your needs. Heirloom-quality. More Info.

(Image coming soon)

Martial Arts Board Breaking Holder

A safer board holder for martial artists. More Info.

Pre-Made, Imported Kneelers

Several Designs Available

Though we prefer to make our products, we have several imported options for the budget-conscious. We have them drop-shipped from the importer direct to you.

More Info ($180+).


Please let us know if you have a specific design request. Because we have our own small woodshop we are happy and able to fulfill your wishes.