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The Rosary Shop

Supporting the life of prayer since 1996 with custom handmade rosaries, rosary kits, supplies, kneelers and prayer books.

(People spend half or more of their waking lives in various business environments, forming and being formed by the 'culture' around them. Almost every company has some kind of statement regarding vision, mission, values, etc. We encourage businesses that are serious about their impact on society to, along with their regular values and policies, adopt these or similar principles)

Company Principles

As a group of people working together to provide authentically good services and products to society, these are our overriding principles:


Rendering to the other what is due.

  • People -- customers, workers, vendors, owners and investors -- are the fundamental reason for this company's existence. This company serves them as a point of exchange of genuinely desired, needed or beneficial products and services, and by providing employment and investment opportunities. We will not provide any product or service that does not substantially benefit the customer and society, or that we would not purchase, ourselves.
  • All representations of our products and services are trustworthy, accurate and complete. We guarantee our products and services against defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Pricing honestly represents what is necessary to maintain our ability to fairly compensate workers, vendors, investors, owners and creditors, and to keep the company profitable overall.
  • We compensate workers in keeping the quality, amount and profitability of their work, and keeping in mind the workers' living needs.
  • We pay all payroll and debts in a timely manner.
  • We maintain legitimate accounting records that accurately reflect our company's true performance and business activities.
  • We give credit where credit is due.
  • We pay our taxes.
  • We will not knowingly engage in any contract or sale that harms or takes advantage of another.
  • When we make a mistake, we admit our error, apologize, ask forgiveness and do whatever is within our ability to repair any harm we have caused.


Maintaining balance in attitudes and actions.

  • Any endeavor can fail due to forces or events beyond our control, so we limit our financial risks.
  • We provide a balanced working atmosphere and workload, respecting the personal and family needs of our workers.
  • We set realistic, attainable and sustainable profitability targets.
  • We maintain budgetary spending controls to keep our expenses consistently less than our income, avoiding unnecessary debts and expenses that could harm the company in the event of a downturn.
  • All things being equal, we give others the benefit of the doubt.


Exercising action, perseverence and endurance.

  • We set big, believable and attainable goals. We establish and implement plans to attain those goals.
  • We actively explore new markets and business opportunities.
  • We give endeavors the time and resources necessary to truly gauge their viability.
  • We plan, prepare for and persevere through hardships, financial and other.
  • We will compete professionally and ethically.
  • We accept reasonable responsibility for harm caused by our products, services or agents in the execution of their authorized, work-related duties.
  • We will diligently defend this company and the people it serves.
  • We consistently seek ways to improve our present products, services, business systems, working environment, personnel, gross sales and profitability.
  • We do not give up.


Engaging practical wisdom to accomplish a virtuous goal.

  • We value and accept suggestions for improvement to our products, services, systems, behaviors and entire company.
  • We provide a safe, healthy work environment that encourages personal development, including education and career improvement.
  • We recognize that our purpose is not merely the provision of products and services in exchange for financial means, but the improvement of our community. To that end we donate a portion of our profits to charity, allow for our workers' personal growth, and actively promote good public causes.
  • The ends do not justify the means: We will not engage in unethical practices or treatment of others in the attainment of our goals.
  • We review our plans, successes and failures and attempt to learn from them.