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The Rosary Shop

Supporting the life of prayer since 1996 with custom handmade rosaries, rosary kits, supplies, kneelers and prayer books.

Affiliate Program

Working together to bring good products and services to the world.

If you believe that our store is providing products, services and information that benefit others, then we invite you to become an affiliate (you don't have to have a web site to do so). In return for referrals that become sales, you receive a credit. The credit can be used to make purchases at our store (or redeemed as cash, depending on the type of credit).

To become an affiliate...

  1. Review the affiliate agreement
  2. If you agree to it, enter your e-mail address to create your unique affiliate code
  3. Add the resulting html code to your web page, or include it in the signature of your e-mails as you think is appropriate

Affiliate Agreement...

An 'affiliate' is someone who adds the provided (or similar) html code on his web site or includes similar code in an e-mail. If someone else clicks the link and then places and pays for order, an e-mail notification is sent to the affiliate containing a thank you and a credit coupon proportional to the sale.

Your participation is entirely voluntary and without obligation. The store reserves the right to amend, temporarily suspend, or end the affiliate program in its entirety, or to exclude particular affilates without notice. Affiliates are under no obligation to continue being affiliates. You may cease being an affiliate at any time. Simply remove the code from your web pages and e-mail to do so.

An affiliate has no official connection with, is not an agent of, and does not represent the store. You agree to hold the store and its owners harmless in the event of any loss, real or imagined, related to participation in this affiliate program.

Presently, the affiliate referral percentage is 6% of most items and service sold, less coupons, and not including handling, shipping and taxes.

Affiliate credits are provided by e-mail only, in the form of a text message that contains a special link to activate the coupon. It does not require any special software beyond basic e-mail and web clients. Affiliate coupons may be used only once each. If lost or not received, they will not be replaced. Affiliate coupons need to be used within 180 days, after which they expire.

Some affiliate coupons are good towards purchases only. Others are also redeemable for cash distribution or purchases. Most of ours are available for purchase only. The coupon notice will identify which is which. To receive a cash distribution, the total affiliate credits must be equal to or greater than $30.00. There is a $1.50 check fee upon distribution. Multiple affiliate coupons can be redeemed at one time either towards purchases or for cash.

Please allow at least two weeks to receive your check if you request a credit distribution.

The affiliate program may change in the future. Any changes will be posted here. Continued use of the affiliate html indicates agreement with these terms and any changes.

Sign Up

To become an affiliate, simply enter your e-mail address, below. Our system will provide the encoded link for you to use on your site or in your e-mail:

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