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The Rosary Shop

Supporting the life of prayer since 1996 with custom handmade rosaries, rosary kits, supplies, kneelers and prayer books.

Item Codes

Carrying so many parts can be confusing, even to us! Here is a list of some of the codes and their meanings:

ABAurora Borealis: A colorful film added to some glass beads. Gives a rainbow-like appearance.
CZCzech: A style of glass and crystal bead.
FPFire Polished: A method for finishing glass beads. A popular and attractive kind of faceted bead.
GFGold Filled: Gold filled items have an extra heavy layer of gold, usually over brass. Sometimes 12k, sometimes 14k, it varies from item to item.
GPGold Plated: Light gold layer chemically deposited on brass. GP, on our site, refers more to the appearance than to the actual metal. Some polished/lacquered brass looks exactly like gold plate, and in the case of eyepins, is better because there is no plating to flake off.
KT14 karat: Solid 14 karat gold.
NPNickel Plated
NSNickel Silver: "Nickel silver" isn't actually silver, but a kind of nickel metal. Very strong and tarnish resistant. Will corrode in salty, humid atmospheres.
OXOxidized: Usually a basic, white metal that has been chemically treated to appear aged. Silver can be treated with an oxidizing solution available at many jewelry supply stores to give it an attractive appearance.
SPSilver Plated: Usually silver plate, rhodium or another silver-like metal over brass. For eyepins, "SP" refers to the appearance; the pin material is actually a bleached brass. Were it actually silver plate, it would flake off.
SSSterling Silver: Solid silver, roughly 93% pure. Silver will tarnish over time. If you do not care for the oxidized appearance, it can be easily cleaned using jewelry cleaner available at most jewelry shops.
VMVermeil: Gold plated over sterling silver.

Wire Sizes

Most of the findings we provide are between 28 and 32 thousandths (21-20 gauge). This table shows the relationship between gauge, thickness and usefulness for rosaries.

280.013"Too weak for rosaries
260.016"Too weak for rosaries
240.020"Too weak for rosaries
220.025"Common size for gold eye pins and some sterling findings
210.028"Common size for rosary findings
200.032"Largest (and strongest) size that will fit MOST beads. Some beads will require reaming.
190.036"Too large for most glass, crystal and stone beads

Crucifix and Center Sizes

As a consequence of customer requests many of our crucifixes, crosses and centers have a size index associated with them ranging from 1 to 7. The index does not indicate the exact size of the piece, but gives its general size and is intended to help people find items that will look proportional in size to each other.

For example, a crucifix that is 'size 5' will usually look fine with a center that is within one size index (4, 5 or 6). But it probably would not look proportional to a piece that was size 7 or 2.

Sizes 2-3 are good for rosary bracelets, small chaplets, or smaller rosaries. Sizes 4 through 6 are for typical rosaries. Size 7 is for especially-large, habit-style rosaries.

Most items have their exact dimensions in inches listed in the item description. You can also view the selections next to each other in the custom rosary design system.