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Double/Wedding Prayer Bench

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Double Wedding Kneeler
(Double kneeler with custom bombay stain over solid cherry,
matching votive candle holder and custom engraving on top.)

Our double/wedding kneeler is based upon our standard design and has several nice features:

Design Options

Please select from the following options to complete your Double/Wedding Prayer Bench. All figures are estimates based on our latest materials, labor and freight expenses. It is unusual for us to have to change any costs except in the case of special shipping or design needs.

Wood: We use only top-quality hardwoods, hand-selected and matched to result in the strongest and most attractive final piece. Click on your desired wood.

( bdft)
& Labor
 Freight Cost
Red Oak $     $
Lyptus $     $
Maple $     $
Cherry $     $
Black Walnut $     $
Teak $     $
 Wood Image -- No Image
Wood appearance can vary significantly from board to board. Images are examples only.

Stain/Finish: Danish oil combines the appearance of a handrubbed linseed oil finish with some of the durability of varathane. These give a beautiful finish that allows the wood's natural beauty to show through while providing moderate protection. Selecting 'none' allows you to stain/finish the piece yourself upon receipt. We can also create custom colors to your specifications. This item has approximately square surface feet to stain. Click on your desired stain.

None  $
Natural  $
Golden  $
Cherry  $
Medium Walnut  $
Custom  $
 Stain Image -- No Image
Wood appearance can vary significantly from board to board. Images are examples only.

Kneepad: Our pads are made with long-lasting, high-density foam covered by heavy duty vinyl and held in place by sturdy, hand-driven upholstery tacks. You can also have another fabric of your choosing, or even none at all. We purchase our material from Great Lakes Fabric and Jo-Anne fabrics, so you can select leather, vinyl or upholstery from them and we can use it as well -- just let us know the source and item number.

None  $0   
Burgundy  $65  Option Image
Black  $65  Option Image
Camel Brown  $65  Option Image
Chestnut Brown  $65  Option Image
Cream White  $65  Option Image
Custom  $65   

Top Detail: Our kneeler tops are made from solid 1x8 hardwoods. The edges are normally rounded, but can be trimmed to your liking using specialized router bits; the special routing is a little extra due to the fine detail sanding it requires compared to a simple rounding of the edges. We can also affix a pad if you wish. Like the knee board, we use heavy duty, textured vinyl due to its appearance, strength and ease of cleaning. However, the kneelers are very attractive and equally comfortable without a top pad. Without the pad, the wood's beauty really shows through. If you have a different material you'd prefer, you are free to send it to us prior to assembly.

Standard  $0   
Double Filler Ogee  $19  Option Image
Roman Ogee  $19  Option Image
Chamfer  $19  Option Image
Cove  $19  Option Image
Single Bead  $19  Option Image
Double Bead  $19  Option Image
Burgundy  $65  Option Image
Black  $65  Option Image
Camel Brown  $65  Option Image
Chestnut Brown  $65  Option Image
Cream White  $65  Option Image
Custom  $65   
Dovetail  $200  Option Image

Side Icon: We can add a cross or another icon into each side of this workpiece. We do this through a heating method that actually burns the image into the wood (and so is not as visible on dark woods like walnut -- on all other woods the icons are quite clear). We can also route/carve the icon image, if you prefer.

None  $0   
Chi-Rho  $39  Option Image
Common Cross  $39   
Orthodox Cross  $39   

A Home for your Rosary: We are happy to mill an attractive cup into the shelf -- smooth or rosette style -- or attach a matching wood knob or brass hook just under the shelf for holding your rosary between prayer-times.

None  $0   
Matching Wood Knob  $19   
Brass Hook  $19   
Smooth Cup  $19  Option Image
Rosette Cup  $19  Option Image

Matching Cross: A matching wall cross, made from same wood and finish, approximately 18 inches tall. $40. Include

Matching Candle Holder: A matching votive candle holder, made from same wood and finish, rests on top of the kneeler (incompatible with padded top kneelers). $20. Include

Engraving: We can engrave a brief commemorative message onto a silver- or gold-colored metal plaque. There are two engraving lines available, each with up to about 20 characters, including spaces. On this model the engraved plate is epoxied to the center of the cross brace at the base of the kneeler.

   Sample Engraving Image
None ***
Engraving on silver-colored plate 20.00
Engraving on brass/gold-colored plate 20.00
 Engraving Line 1:  
 Engraving Line 2:  

Ready to Go?

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