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The Rosary Shop

Supporting the life of prayer since 1996 with custom handmade rosaries, rosary kits, supplies, kneelers and prayer books.

About Us

Tyra making a rosary

Seth in a corner of his favorite
hideout, the wood shop

Where we hope to visit someday!

The Rosary Shop is a family devotional hobby brought to the internet in 1996 as Handmade Rosaries. Since 1996 we have provided unique rosaries for thousands of wonderful people all over the United States (and now around the world). In 1998, we had a request for a rosary-making kit and decided to offer rosary kits and 'raw' parts. To our surprise, we received many, many requests for information about rosary-making and rosary-making supplies. So we set out to expand our web site to include a wide variety of rosaries and rosary components. In 2000 we began distributing tutorials on praying the Liturgy of the Hours. In 2001 we incorporated as The Rosary Shop. In 2002 we assisted Kent Puntenney in his efforts to start Trinity Casting Company. In 2003 we began making prayer benches, and started formalizing (and writing down) our business philosophies. In 2004 we restructured as a limited partnership under the name "Simple Way Limited Partnership." The purpose of this partnership is the growth in holiness of the partners through the practice of prayer and ethics and, secondarily, the creation of goods and services for exchange with others.

To our knowledge, The Rosary Shop has the widest variety of rosary making information supplies available on or off of the internet. We have tried to make this web site as comprehensive as possible, including on-line rosary prayers in several languages, rosary-making directions, books, and all kinds of other information. If you can't find what you are looking for, please drop us a note and we'll see whether we can find it.

Tyra Murray is the 'matriarch' and one of the rosary-makers for our custom order rosaries. She began making rosaries in 1995, shortly after she and her husband, Seth, converted to the Catholic faith. She is grateful to Teresa Greenway and her family who introduced her to the rosary and taught her to make cord rosaries. When she's not making a rosary or working on the computer, she's busy caring for her five children; Sophia, Isaiah, Margaret, Joseph and Grace.

Seth Murray handles the day-to-day activities. He has spent many hours working on this page so that the shopping system works (most of the time), the graphics load quickly and the page can be found by your internet browsers. When Seth isn't clicking away at the keyboard, making kneelers or sweeping the floors, he's probably playing with the children or working on the house. Seth holds a bachelor of science in physics and engineering, a masters degree in theological studies and has done some graduate work in philosophy and physics.

Finally, we are grateful to you. One of the best things about this business has been the people with whom we have become acquainted. You have given us many ideas for this page. You have offered your prayers for us. We are greatly encouraged by you.

Thanks be to God for His Great Gift, our Lord Jesus Christ. May we draw ever closer to Him in our prayers and in our hearts so that one day we will see Him face to face.

To provide its unique capabilities, this site has been written entirely from scratch using the following tools. Part of our goal is to inspire the intelligent and virtuous use of technology to bring good things to the Internet. We are available to provide consulting to companies interested in learning how to leverage technology to bring their products and information to the world via the Internet:

Due to the growth of the site's popularity and services, several of the server and business elements have changed. Our new servers have been 'clocked' at 40-200 times as fast as our previous configurations. New components include:

The switch to the UNIX-based systems has been technically difficult, but worth the effort. The hardware is less expensive, the software is free and incredibly reliable.