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Beads of St. Anne


Origin: The Little Chaplet of Saint Anne dates from 1875, and is the pious invention of a devout client of our Saint. If his name is unknown to man, he is surely known to God and dear to Good Saint Anne, for these beads have been the beginning of a chain of blessings, spiritual and temporal. Many graces and favors have been obtained through their recitation.

Explanation and signification: The Little Chaplet of Saint Anne is composed of three Our Fathers and fifteen Hail Marys and is divided into three parts; the first part, one Our Father and five Hail Marys, is said in honor of Jesus, the Author of Grace; the second in honor of Mary, the channel through which all graces come to us from Jesus; the third in honor of Saint Anne, our advocate.

Manner of reciting: Make the sign of the cross; then kiss devoutly the medal of Saint Anne saying the prayer: Jesus, Mary, Anne. While reciting the first part thank Jesus for His favors, ask pardon for sins and future favors. While reciting the second part praise Mary and ask her to present your petition to Saint Anne. The third part is a petition to the good Saint Anne. Each group is concluded with a Glory be as an act of praise to the Blessed Trinity.

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