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The Rosary Shop

Supporting the life of prayer since 1996 with custom handmade rosaries, rosary kits, supplies, kneelers and prayer books.

Rosary Talk Group

The Rosary Shop hosts a free e-mail discussion group, "Rosary Talk," for the rosary-making community. It is intended to be a forum where people can come together, talk about rosaries and rosary-making, share ideas, and support each other. (Though we provide the service at no-charge to the community, it does cost us money and time to maintain it. We humbly ask that you keep this in mind when considering where to make your purchases.)

An e-mail discussion group is not a chat room. Rather, it could be compared to a magazine subscription where the subscribers write the content. Once you subscribe, any e-mail messages sent to will be forwarded to all of the other subscribers in the group.

To subscribe to the group, simply complete the form, below. (You may also use this form to "unsubscribe" to the group.)

By signing up for the group, you are agreeing to the following "Ten Commandments":

  1. Thou shalt use the Rosary Talk list to discuss only issues related only to prayer, the rosary, rosary-making and the Catholic faith. If your message is not directly related to these items, please DO NOT SEND IT.
  2. Thou shalt demonstrate patient charity in all messages and take other's messages in their best possible meaning.
  3. Thou shalt not use the English (or any other) language in vain (no foul language).
  4. Thou shalt not bear false witness against the teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, lest we heap burning coals upon thine countenance.
  5. THOU SHALT NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It is a great offense in the midst of our eyes.
  6. The size and frequency of thine letters shall not be too excessive, nor shall they have anything "attached" to them, as this is also a great offense in the midst of our eyes. (Do not send more than two messages in a day. Messages with attachments are automatically rejected because attachments can contain viruses.)
  7. Thou shalt not send messages that contain commercial or for-profit advertisements without prior, express approval from the Rosary Shop.
  8. This discussion group is unmoderated and uncensored. Therefore, thou shalt not hold the Rosary Shop responsible for posts that may be deemed offensive by some parties.
  9. The Rosary Shop is a jealous Shop, and reserves the right to "excommunicate" individuals from the talk list if deemed necessary by Rosary Shop management, even to the tenth generation.
  10. Unless thou art a subscriber, thou shalt not send messages to the group. To anyone who holds that he, not being a subscriber, may send messages to the group, anathema sit.

E-Mail Address: , or

SPECIAL NOTICE TO OUTLOOK and OUTLOOK EXPRESS USERS: Your e-mail software has probably been set to send new e-mail (and the original messages in replies) as attachments! Consequently, unless you change your e-mail settings to send all e-mail as plain text -- "exorcising" all attachments -- you will not be able to send messages to the rosary talk group.

Having difficulty with the talk group? Please contact us if you are experiencing a technical difficulty. Please do not send technical questions to the talk group.