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Job's Tear Rosary

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Item Name: Job's Tear Rosary
Item Number: RO-0102
Category: Pre-made Rosaries and Chaplets
Description: Job's tear rosary imported from India. Silver plated parts. N-SP
Unit: each
Price per each:
Availability: 0 presently on-hand. Feel free to order as many as you'd like. We constantly have stock on order and receive more of this item routinely.
Image: (No image on file.)
Engraving:This item can be engraved for an additional $5. To have engraving added, enter up to 14 characters here (some items can have more or fewer letters engraved). Leave this field blank if you do not want any engraving:
Optional Clasp: If you wish we can add a matching clasp to this rosary for $1.49, making it into a rosary necklace:
Pouch or Box:
(From our pouches and boxes inventory. The number in parentheses indicates the on-hand quantity.)
Holy Medal:
(Usually connected between the center and the crucifix, these medals are from our religious medals inventory. We add a very small charge for affixing it to the rosary. The number in parentheses indicates the on-hand quantity.)
Prayer Help:
(These and other prayer helps are available in our books and pamphlets section. The Rosary Shop's "How to Pray the Rosary" is also available as a free download.)

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