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(Complete terms of use at end of page.)

Rosary Partners Guild FAQ

What is the Rosary Partners Guild

It is a special internet service provided by The Rosary Shop. It allows rosary makers to easily show and sell their rosary creations without having to know complex programming languages, set up expensive merchant accounts, or worry about the dozens of details (and hazards) of e-commerce transactions. The Rosary Shop handles all the details and lets the rosary maker do the fun part -- make nice rosaries for people who will appreciate them!

How do I join?

Anyone who has a listing in the system is automatically a partner. To join, simply create a listing.

How do I create a listing?

First, you must have a nice, quality rosary or chaplet you wish to sell. Once you do, click the 'Rosary Partners Guild' menu, select 'Add Listing' and follow the instructions.

How much does it cost to join (to create a listing)?

There is no up-front cost for creating a listing. This example will explain the fee structure:

If I want to receive $50 for something, for how much should I sell it?

Here is a simple calculator to determine the costs and credits involved in a sale. Enter different amounts in the "Sale Amount" box and click calculate to see what your credit will be:

    Sale Amount:
    Rosary Shop:
    My Credit:

All of the above figures are approximations. The actual fees may vary slightly.

How long will my listing stay on the system?

Listings remain in the system until one of the following events occur:

Can I upload an image for my item?

Yes. We have created a very easy way for you to do this. If you do not have a digital camera or scanner, we recommend you purchase one. They are fairly inexpensive these days. Your local library may also have a scanner you can use.

To upload your image, you first need to create it using either a digital camera or scanner. The image should be created in JPEG format. You will have an opportunity to upload it when you create the listing. You can also upload it (and over-write the current one) at any time after the listing is created.

As an alternative, you may enter the address to an image located on another server instead of uploading your image to ours. This is actually preferred, as it reduces our server's load.

Be sure not to use copyrighted images to represent your item.

The system only has a spot to upload or link to one image. How can I display additional images?

There is no direct limit on the number of images you may have in your listing. To show additional images, use html <img> tags in the item description. The only limit is then the 600-character limit for the description, itself.

Can I change the size of the thumbnail image that appears in the listing directory?

Short answer: No

Can I control the size of the image that appears on the description screen?

Yes, that image will appear at the size and resolution of your actual image file.

How do I buy something?

Find the item you wish to purchase and click "Buy it". The system will collect your contact and credit card information (if it isn't already on file).

How will I know my listing has sold?

You will receive an e-mail detailing the sale along with shipping directions.

Can the buyer contact the seller directly?

Yes. The seller can be contacted from the listing page. In addition, contact information for both parties will be e-mailed when the item is purchased.

Can I show my web page address in the listing?

Yes. This happens automatically.

How is the cost of shipping handled?

Sellers should include the cost of shipping in the price of the item. You can also specify an additional charge for international shipments.

Sellers should ALWAYS use a shipping method that includes delivery confirmation. The same goes for buyers who are returning products.

If the situation warrants additional shipping expenses (e.g., if the purchaser requests a particular, expensive shipping method) the buyer and seller should arrange separate, direct payment of the difference.

What shipper should I use?

If you are shipping to a post office box, you will have to use the regular postal service (with delivery confirmation).

If shipping internationally, or if you wish to be able to track a package while in transit, use a service like United Parcel Service or Federal Express.

Why are the merchant fees this high?

We are trying to come up with ways to reduce this, but the reality is that two sets of merchant fees are collected for any sale, not by The Rosary Shop, but by the VISA/MC/AMEX merchant systems. One set is collected for the purchaser's transaction. A second set is collected with the pre-authorization of the seller's card. If it sounds technical, we're sorry. That is just how it works.

How are returns and refunds handled?

Returns and refunds should be handled directly between the purchaser and seller. Attempting to route such a transaction through the Rosary Partners Guild will only result in additional fees that you would probably like to avoid.

Participants in the Rosary Partners Guild, whether buyers or sellers, have agreed to not refuse charges for transactions in this system. There are other solutions, below.

What if a purchase never arrives?

  1. The buyer and seller should first contact each other and attempt to reach a solution
  2. If the buyer and seller cannot come to an agreement, then contact The Rosary Shop and BRIEFLY describe the situation
  3. All sellers are asked to ship using tracked methods. The Rosary Shop will ask the seller for proof of delivery.
  4. If proof of delivery can be provided, then the buyer is out of luck
  5. If proof of delivery cannot be provided, then the transaction will be refunded by The Rosary Shop and charged to the seller plus a 10% fee

Repeated problems with particular sellers or buyers may result in forfeiture of access to the service.

I just entered a listing. My bank has told me that you are holding my funds. Why?

Your bank is in error (and probably making money by being so). When a listing is added, our server checks the lister's credit card to make sure that sufficient funds are available in the event that it is a fraudulent listing or something otherwise goes wrong with the sale that the seller and buyer cannot resolve.

This 'pre-authorization without capture' is immediately voided by our server. Some banks are recording the authorization, but not recording the void for as long as two days. If your bank does this to you, you need to scream at them, not us (in fact, if you are the screaming type -- as we've discovered some people are -- then we'd just assume you not do business with us).

I just sold an item. My bank shows that you are reserving some funds from my account. Why?

It is our hope that every partners guild sale will go forward positively and that everything works out great between the buyer and the seller. However, in the event of an irreconcilable difference and refusal by the seller to refund the buyer (in keeping with the terms described below), The Rosary Shop MIGHT reverse the sale against the seller and refund the buyer's money. At the time of the sale, we pre-authorize the funds to do this. As long as nothing goes horribly wrong within 30 days of the sale, the pre-authorization automatically expires and the funds are freed.

What if I wish to return something I have received?

Simply contact the seller and arrange for the return for credit, exchange or refund.

What if I receive something with which I am dissatisfied and return it to the seller, but never receive my refund?

  1. The buyer and seller should first contact each other and attempt to reach a solution
  2. If the buyer and seller cannot come to an agreement, then contact The Rosary Shop and BRIEFLY describe the situation
  3. If proof of delivery cannot be provided, then the buyer is out of luck
  4. If proof of delivery can be provided, then the transaction will be refunded by The Rosary Shop and charged to the seller plus a 10% fee

Repeated problems with particular sellers or buyers may result in forfeiture of access to the service.

What if I return something but the seller doesn't give me a refund?

The Rosary Shop will charge the seller and provide you with a refund if ALL THREE of these condition are met:

  1. Fewer than 30 days have passed from the date of the original sale.
  2. You can provide proof that your return was delivered.
  3. The seller is unable to provide proof of a refund.

What if I have special shipping requirements?

Then please contact the seller directly to make arrangements. Special shipping requirements may necessitate an additional payment direct to the seller.

What role does The Rosary Shop play in the transaction?

The Rosary Shop is the host and facilitator of the original transaction and last-line guarantor of satisfaction for 30 days. We are not responsible for the product or the conduct of the buyer or seller.

How do I know how many credits I've earned?

You account balance is available via the "Manage Account" link in the Guild menu. Your account balance is also available on the "Check Order" link when on the Ordering page.

Gimme my money!

Any credits you earn are yours. You are welcome to do any of the following with them:

The balance will remain on your account until you tell us what to do with it or make a purchase. No interest accrues on account balances.

Hey! My listing disappeared! What happened?

One of three things:

  1. The item sold (you should receive an e-mail shortly)
  2. We determined that the listed item was inappropriate to the guild
  3. We had a system crash and are rebuilding the database (give us a few hours). It is possible for your listing to be permanently deleted in a system crash. If your listing does not reappear within 24 hours and you don't receive a note about a sale, please recreate your listing. Don't worry, you are never charged for listings that are deleted as a consequence of a database failure.

I was just about to buy something. When I entered my information, it told me that the item was gone! What happened?

Between the time that you viewed the item and finished the purchase process, the listing was deactivated. The item was probably sold. Type faster next time.

I don't have a credit card (for whatever reason). Why can't I get involved?

All sales are guaranteed by credit card authorizations. Without a credit card, The Rosary Shop has no way to guarantee the funds for the sale. Consequently, credit card payment is required for Rosary Partner Guild purchases.

Hey! I used to be in the Partners Directory. Now I'm gone! What happened?

The directory lists everyone who has an active listing. All of your listings must have sold or been deleted. Simply create another listing to get back into the directory.

How do I control my position in the Partners Directory?

Well, you don't, really. Partners are listed in geographical order to make it easy for visitors to find a rosary maker near them.

Here are the nitty-gritty behind-the-scene details for a transaction

  1. Purchase request is received by server
  2. Buyer's information is entered and verified
  3. Seller's card is pre-authorized (but no funds are collected) for the sale amount plus possible fees. If funds are not available, then the sale is halted, the listing deactivated and the seller is notified by e-mail.
  4. Buyer's card is authorized and funds are collected. Card and delivery address must match, or sale is halted here.
  5. Item is removed from inventory database, and buyer and seller are notified of sale
  6. (At this point, about 5 seconds have passed since the buyer made the purchase. It may take longer for the parties to receive the confirmation e-mails.)

  7. Seller has opportunity to cancel sale if he believes it may be fraudulent (seller will be responsible for minor transaction fees)
  8. Credits are issued to affiliate, credit card merchant, The Rosary Shop and seller from proceeds of the sale
  9. Seller ships to buyer using a delivery-confirmation service
  10. If the seller fails to deliver, then the above pre-authorization is captured and the buyer is paid back
  11. If the buyer decides to return the item, he and the seller work it out privately

In what order are the items listed?

The web visitor controls the order of the listings; either by item name or by price.

Why don't you publicly display the e-mail or web site address of the partner?

Listing e-mail addresses on the web site poses a privacy issue. To deal with this, we provide a form you can use to privately contact the rosary partner. If the partner chooses to respond and provide his e-mail address, he is free to do so. This also eliminates problems caused by SPAM e-mail address harvesters that comb the web for e-mail addresses.

Outbound links from a web site can sometimes inadvertently result in transmission of information about your session at the source web site. The technical reasons for this are complex and are related to bugs in various web browser programs (yes -- your software has bugs). For that reason, clicking on the 'visit web site' link uses a redirect function that results in no information about your session at The Rosary Shop being transmitted to the new site.

Can I list items besides rosaries?

You may list only items that are directly related to the rosary, prayer chaplets and the like. This includes the components of which they are made, and related tools and books. You may not sell blessed items for more than the market cost of an equivalent unblessed item. Inappropriate listings will be deleted upon discovery and your account will be charged an "inconvenience fee." The Rosary Shop reserves the right to delete inappropriate items at its discretion and without warning. If you are unsure that your item is appropriate to the guild, please ask first.

How can I provide a link from my web site to the Rosary Partners Guild?

Copy this code:

To create a link that brings up only your listings, adapt this code (replace '' with your actual registered e-mail address):

Feel free to adapt the link text as you see fit. You will need to change your e-mail address in the link if your e-mail address changes.

Will The Rosary Shop do my accounting for me?

No. You are responsible for your own bookkeeping, if you choose to do it. Unless you sell a LOT of stuff, bookkeeping/accounting is probably not necessary.

I've received a notice that my listing has sold. How do I verify it's authenticity?

It is generally unwise to rely on e-mail notices alone to validate an order -- e-mail can be faked. However, any e-mail sent from The Rosary Shop notifying you of an order will include a secure link and encrypted key. Clicking on the link will bring you to The Rosary Shop and show whether or not the sale is authentic.

In addition, you might also confirm the buyer's contact information via a service like directory assistance, or contact the buyer directly by telephone.

How confident can I be in this system?

Ultimately, all successful business comes down to mutual trust and exchange of goods and services. However, there are unscrupulous people in the world, and one must protect himself insofar as he is able. Consequently, there are multiple layers of security in the Rosary Partners Guild to detect fraudulent attempts to use the system (and stop them in their tracks).

While it is entirely possible that a product may be unsatisfactory, returned, or lost in shipment -- these things just happen -- we've taken several important steps to ensure that everyone who participates is doing so "above board." These primarily involve automated checks of credit/debit card authenticity and delivery address, very solid and secure server systems, combined with SSL web connections and sophisticated account verifications. Together, these make for a very sound system.

Bottom Line: We have had 0 fraudulent transactions since implementing our current transaction security systems.

Complete Terms of Use

Purchasing, joining or otherwise using the Rosary Partners Guild system indicates agreement with the Terms of Use and explanatory notes in this FAQ.


  1. Participants agree not to decode, bypass, circumvent or misuse the Rosary Partners Guild system.
  2. Participants agree not to refuse reasonable charges as described in this FAQ.
  3. Participants are solely responsible for the maintenance of their account data and privacy of their information.
  4. Participants will be privy to information necessary to complete sales of which they are a party, including contact information for the other parties. Participants agree to use that information only for that sale and not to use it in any other way or capacity.
  5. Participants agree that The Rosary Shop is a disinterested third party in all transactions, is not responsible for the accuracy of names, descriptions, images, or any other information related to a particular listing, including contact information for the buyer and seller.
  6. Participants agree to hold The Rosary Shop harmless in the event of a dispute, and that The Rosary Shop is not responsible for any loss, real or imagined, direct or indirect, that they buyer or seller may incur as a consequence of using the Rosary Partners Guild.
  7. Participants agree to notify The Rosary Shop immediately if they become aware of a problem with the Rosary Partners Guild system.
  8. These Terms of Use may be updated by The Rosary Shop at its discretion.


  1. Buyers agree to deal directly with the seller regarding any details or returns
  2. In the event of a return, the buyer understands that he forfeits his right to a refund if he does not use delivery confirmation or does not complete the return in under 30 days from the date of purchase.
  3. Buyer agrees that The Rosary Shop is not responsible for the item purchased, its quality, its timely delivery, or the seller's conduct.
  4. In the event of a irreconcilable dispute with the seller, the buyer may appeal to The Rosary Shop for resolution within 30 days of purchase. The buyer agrees to abide by The Rosary Shop's decision.
  5. The buyer is solely responsible for the correct entry of his physical address, e-mail address, phone number and other information. A mis-entered physical address may result in a lost shipment. In such a situation, the buyer may not appeal for a refund.

Sellers and Affiliates

  1. Sellers own and are entitled to sell the items they list
  2. Sellers will ship items promptly upon notice of sale
  3. If a seller suspects that a purchase may be fraudulent, he may cancel the sale by notifying The Rosary Shop. Notice must be given within 3 business days. The seller is responsible for verifying the authenticity of an order.
  4. Seller agrees that he is solely responsible for getting the item to the buyer. Failing to use delivery confirmation may result in charges against the seller's credit card for the full amount of the sale plus additional fees to cover Rosary Shop costs.
  5. Seller agrees to accept a return and refund the buyer directly in the event that he returns the purchase. Failure to refund the buyer may result in direct credit card charges from The Rosary Shop necessary to refund the buyer and to cover administrative costs.
  6. In the event of an irreconcilable dispute with the buyer, the seller may appeal to The Rosary Shop to intervene within 30 days of sale. The seller agrees to abide by The Rosary Shop's decision in the matter.
  7. Sellers and affiliates may use their credits towards other purchases at The Rosary Shop. They may also request distribution by check.
  8. The seller's credit card is used by The Rosary Shop as collateral for any sale. In the event that the card expires or is not approved during sale, the sale will be canceled and the seller notified. There may also be a small charge invoiced against the seller related to the amount charged by the credit merchants for the card decline.
  9. Sellers understand that there is no up-front listing fee.
  10. Sellers will list only items directly related to the rosary, prayer and Catholic spiritual devotion. The Rosary Shop may remove a listing without warning and at the lister's expense should it determine that the listing is inappropriate to the Rosary Partners Guild.
  11. Sellers receive a percentage of the sale price of the listed item. The remainder is distributed among the credit card merchant, affiliate and Rosary Shop.
  12. Sellers are solely responsible for the name, description and image used to represent their listings. Misrepresentation will result in a compulsory refund to the purchaser using funds from the seller's credit card. Sellers will not use copyrighted images or text.
  13. Seller assumes all financial risk in the transaction, agrees to cover any losses and pay any fees as a consequence of a chargeback by a buyer, and agrees not to initiate chargebacks against The Rosary Shop

The Rosary Shop

  1. The Rosary Shop is responsible for hosting the data for the seller's items. The Rosary Shop will make every reasonable effort to keep its servers running and in good order.
  2. The Rosary Shop will provide data necessary to the buyer and seller for them to complete the transaction.
  3. The Rosary Shop will handle the seller's credits in good faith, and provide check distribution with the normal check run following a distribution request.
  4. The Rosary Shop will keep all particular user information private, except as necessary to complete the sale.
  5. The Rosary Shop will act as an objective arbiter in the event of a dispute between the buyer and seller.