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Findings : Eye Pins

Found 10 items.

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Qty Unit   Name Number Availability Price
FI-0050SP: 5/8 inch long eye pin. .028 inches in diameter.
FI-0051SP: 3/4 inch eye pins. .028 inch diameter.
Usually ships in ~10 days
FI-0051GP: 3/4 inch long. .028 diameter eye pins.
each Findings : Eye Pins: Eyepin SP
FI-0040SP: Silver plated eyepin. .032 inches in diameter. Fits beads up to 12mm.
each Findings : Eye Pins: Eyepin NS for up to 8mm beads
FI-0040NS: Nickel Silver Eyepin. 0.028 diameter. 0.75 inches long. Good for beads up to 8mm.
FI-0050GP: 5/8 inch long eyepins. .028 diameter wire. Gold colored.
each Findings : Eye Pins: Eyepin GP
FI-0040GP: Gold plated eyepin. One inch long. 0.032 inch diameter. Fits beads up to 12mm.
each Findings : Eye Pins: Eyepin SS
FI-0040SS: Sterling silver eyepins. One inch long. 0.028 inch diameter. Half hard.
each Findings : Eye Pins: Gold Filled Eyepins
FI-0040GF: 0.028 gold filled eyepins. One inch in length.
each Findings : Eye Pins: Eyepin 14kt*
FI-0040KT: 14kt Eyepins. .025 inches in diameter. One inch long. Good for any bead up to about...
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Found 10 items.