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Basic Chain Rosary Tools TO-0001: Basic Chain Rosary Tools
Chain nose pliers and economy rosary pliers for a little less than they would cost individually. An excellent beginning set.

Cord Knotting Tool TO-0002: Cord Knotting Tool
Simple cord knotting tool for making cord rosaries.

Ergonomic Chain Nose Pliers TO-0003: Ergonomic Chain Nose Pliers
High quality chain nose pliers. Made in Germany. Very comfortable and good for gripping and tightening loops. Box joint. Spring hinge.

Ergonomic Round Nose Pliers TO-0005: Ergonomic Round Nose Pliers
High quality round nose pliers. Made in Germany. Very comfortable and useful for making links, chain and bows.

4-piece Pliers Set TO-0007: 4-piece Pliers Set
This set contains chain nose, round nose and flat nose pliers along with sidecutters in a sturdy vinyl bag. Box joint construction.

Chain Nose Pliers TO-0008: Chain Nose Pliers
An inexpensive, but well-made tool for gripping and tightening loops. Box joint construction. Made in Pakistan.

Round Nose Pliers TO-0009: Round Nose Pliers
An inexpensive, but well-made tool for making links, bows and chain. Box joint construction.

Semi-Flush Sidecutters TO-0010: Semi-Flush Sidecutters
An inexpensive, but well-made tool for basic wire cutting. Box joint construction.

Rosary Plier TO-0011: Rosary Plier
Has both the round nose plier and side cutter built into a single tool. Equivalent in quality to the Mirage-line tools. Made of hardened stainless steel in China.

TO-0012: Ultimate Bead Reamer
Bead reamer with three interchangable tips for reaming very fine through larger beads. Works well with wood, stone, glass and similar beads.

TO-0013: Wood Bead Reamer
Bead reamer for use with wood beads.

TO-0014: Crimping Pliers
Made by Eurotool. These bead crimping pliers will help you get a firm, strong crimp every time.

TO-0015: Basic Flexwire Rosary Tools
Set of crimping pliers and side cutters.

TO-0016: Memory Wire Shears
The cutters to use for hardened wire like memory wire. Also works for rosary wire.

TO-0017: Split Ring Pliers
Helps open those difficult split rings with ease. Ergonomic grip.

TO-0018: Mini Rosary Pliers
Neat little pair of rosary pliers from Eurotool. Great for travel.

TO-0019: Combination Rosary Pliers
Includes the usual side cutter and round nose for making loops, but adds a special groove for closing jumprings and eyepins, and a flat jaw area. Very nice.