Rosary Rings

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Natural Wood Rosary Ring RR-0001: Natural Wood Rosary Ring
Ten round wood beads on white cord with a brown wood cross. One size fits all.

Ave Maria Rosary Ring RR-0002: Ave Maria Rosary Ring
Silver ring surrounded by ten silver beads and topped off with a crucifix / miraculous medal. Ring is inscribed with "Ave Maria" on one side and a crown of thorns on the other.

Basic Rosary Ring Small RR-0003: Basic Rosary Ring Small
Small silver ring with ten bumps and a cross. 18mm diameter, ring size 8.

Basic Rosary Ring Medium RR-0004: Basic Rosary Ring Medium
Silver ring with ten bumps and a cross. 19mm diameter, ring size 9.

Basic Rosary Ring Large RR-0005: Basic Rosary Ring Large
Silver ring with ten bumps and a cross. 20mm diameter, ring size 10.