Price List

Fill in the values, below to create a custom retail price list. Enter the margin or markup -- whichever calculation you like to use -- and the system will create a price list for you to use when creating prices for your creations. This simply eliminates some math-overhead for you.

'Margin' is the percentage of a sale above the cost of goods sold. If you sell an item for $10, and it cost you $6, that is 40% margin (Price - Cost / Price = 10 - 6 / 10 = 4 / 10 = 40%). Most retail stores operate somewhere between 25 and 50% margin, depending on the product (equivalent to a 50% to 100% markup). Some people prefer to calculate things by 'markup,' which is a percentage added to the purchase cost to arrive at a final price. For example, if you purchase something for $4 and sell it for $6, that is a 50% markup ($4 + ($4 * 50%) = $4 + $2 = $6).

Enter the percent margin or markup you would like to earn on sales and click the [Recalculate] button. The price list will be reconstructed (without this message) to reflect the suggested retail price. Print that new price list and insert it into your display or portfolio as needed.

% Margin or Markup

If your currency is other than USD, enter the currency name and the exchange rate with USD. The new price list will note that the prices are in your currency, and will reflect both the above margin and present exchange rate with USD.

= 1 USD