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Following is a list of links to other interesting sites. It is divided into two categories:

Obviously, inclusion here does not mean that we have thoroughly reviewed a site or endorse all of its contents. If you find that any link goes to a site that is significantly at odds with the Catholic faith, please let us know.

Great Sites

Catholic Answers
A popular Catholic apologetics site.

Catholic Information Network

Catholic Prayers


Christus Rex

Coming Home Network

Crossroads Initiative
'Home' site of one of our esteemed and most-Italian of theology professors, Marcellino D'Ambrosio


The Liturgy of the Hours
Online texts of the Liturgy of the Hours. Unfortunately not compatible with all computers.

The Liturgy of the Hours House
A retreat and prayer house where they teach the Liturgy of the Hours. They were VERY helpful in improving our own tutorial.

New Advent

Opus Dei

Trinity Casting Company
A "sister" company to The Rosary Shop providing quality, highly customized casting of religious and other products

Daily readings from the Liturgy of the Hours.

The Vatican

Virtual Rosary
Computer software to help you pray the rosary.

Automatic Links

The Rosary Shop server automatically creates a reciprocal link back to the primary domain of any web site that links to us. Links are ordered in terms of the number of unique visitors brought to The Rosary Shop, and therefore the most relevant sites tend to be near the top. To add your site to this list, simply create a link from your web site to The Rosary Shop. When people click on it, it will be added to the list. The more unique clicks it gets, the higher its rank will become. (We limit the number of listed links in order to keep this page somewhat meaningful and useful.)

    Rating: 71486; Last Referral: on 2017-12-15
  2. Pinterest / Home
    Rating: 7680; Last Referral: on 2017-12-15
    Rating: 7428; Last Referral: on 2017-12-15
  4. Catholic Answers Forums - Home
    Rating: 6570; Last Referral: on 2017-09-12
    Rating: 6087; Last Referral: on 2017-12-15
    Rating: 4732; Last Referral: on 2017-12-14
  7. Rosary Workshop: Index Page
    Rating: 3763; Last Referral: on 2017-11-19
  8. Facebook | Welcome to Facebook!
    Rating: 2953; Last Referral: on 2017-08-27
  9. Protestant rosary, rosary beads, meditat
    Rating: 2865; Last Referral: on 2012-05-04
  10. 百度——全球最大中文搜索引擎
    Rating: 2515; Last Referral: on 2017-12-15
  11. TheFind - Shopping Search - Every Store.
    Rating: 2467; Last Referral: on 2015-03-28
  12. Rosary Beads Meinssen Handmade Catholic
    Rating: 2354; Last Referral: on 2017-12-13
  13. Catholic Culture : Home Page (formerly P
    Rating: 2284; Last Referral: on 2017-11-24
  14. 携薪写械泻褋
    Rating: 1839; Last Referral: on 2017-12-13
  15. Rosary, Pray the Rosary, Rosary Links, 1
    Rating: 1825; Last Referral: on 2017-11-16
  16. WOW Search Results
    Rating: 1796; Last Referral: on 2017-06-14
  17. The National Fraternity of the Secular F
    Rating: 1681; Last Referral: on 2015-10-04
  18. Online shopping for electro
    Rating: 1667; Last Referral: on 2017-03-02
  19. Rosary Creations Real Life Rosary, Discover your life wit
    Rating: 1351; Last Referral: on 2016-07-16
  20. Catholic Statues, Religious Statues &
    Rating: 1335; Last Referral: on 2017-11-27
  21. Catholicbible101 |
    Rating: 1282; Last Referral: on 2017-12-12
  22. CatholiCity : The Best Catholic Homepage
    Rating: 1258; Last Referral: on 2017-12-09
  23. Franciscan Cards - Catholic Resources fo
    Rating: 1146; Last Referral: on 2008-08-24
  24. Catholicism @ Suite101: Catholic service
    Rating: 1144; Last Referral: on 2010-09-15
  25. Home
    Rating: 1127; Last Referral: on 2008-06-24
  26. - How To Do (Just About) Everyt
    Rating: 1114; Last Referral: on 2017-07-09
  27. Facebook | Welcome to Facebook
    Rating: 1047; Last Referral: on 2017-12-14
    Rating: 971; Last Referral: on 2017-12-09
  29. Custom Rosaries and Holy Rosary Beads, H
    Rating: 857; Last Referral: on 2017-12-11
  30. Return To The Center
    Rating: 832; Last Referral: on 2016-10-27
  31. Catechetics Online
    Rating: 826; Last Referral: on 2012-07-06
  32. Welcome To Rosary Makers Online!
    Rating: 800; Last Referral: on 2010-08-22
  33. Categories within
    Rating: 779; Last Referral: on 2011-08-24
    Rating: 778; Last Referral: on 2014-03-12
  35. FNT Industries, Inc. Netmaker to the wor
    Rating: 768; Last Referral: on 2016-12-30
  36. WebCrawler Web Search
    Rating: 739; Last Referral: on 2017-10-08
  37. BellSouth Semalt - Webmasters Analytics Tool
    Rating: 710; Last Referral: on 2015-04-01
  38. Noah's Marine Supplies - The source for
    Rating: 708; Last Referral: on 2017-11-21

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